With articles and podcasts on modern issues, The Modern Age aims to offer a refreshing outlook on topics ranging from sport, to music, to culture and politics. This is the antidote to low quality journalism, including clickbait, false information, and nonsensical hot-takes.

The website is founded by LJMU journalism student Daniel Zambartas, a 20 year-old Liverpool fanatic, who writes the articles and records/ hosts all the podcasts, whilst regularly using quotes from guests and contributors.

The Modern Age focuses on modern issues in society, such as social media toxicity, whilst also exploring the benefits and miracles of today’s world, such as this very platform existing; the mere fact that a journalism student can create their own website and easily share their content through many different networks.

This website is primarily based on Liverpool Football Club and their performances/ news; most matches are reviewed and any big news about the club is regularly reacted to.

Nevertheless, our content is still diversified. The Modern Age aims to build a sense of community with uniquely written pieces allowing many different readers/listeners to contribute. Discourse on all things from music (which inspired the website name) to politics will be explored; different opinions, different perspectives, and well balanced analysis is what The Modern Age strives for.

We intend to strike a balance between offering mature and intelligent writing, whilst also mixing in wit and humour, to make the content enjoyable for as many people as possible.

The Modern Age invites all opinions and debate (as long as they are kept respectful) and invites anyone who wants to have their say to provide quotes, appear on a podcast, write a guest article, or even become a full time contributor.

For any enquiries, contact: danielzambartas@gmail.com

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LJMU journalism student originally from Cyprus